Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Brendan!

You had quite the celebration so far which unfortunately isn't documented with photographs because brainless Mommy hasn't taken the camera anywhere. But, the party officially started lastnight when we went to the diner for a little "Mommy and Me" date night. You had a grilled cheese and some fries and flirted with the waitresses while Mommy ate her grilled chicken sandwich and had a nice glass of cold beer. (you're too young for the beers my friend.) Then this morning, your actual birthday, you woke up very crabby with a tiny fever of 100 degrees, so Grandma and Grandpa babysat while Mommy ran errands to get things in order for the big birthday bash. (also got my nails done because I need to look pretty with my new 1 year old.) The best part of the day though, was going down to our neighbors house for what we thought, was just going to be pizza, but they surprised you with yummy cupcakes and a fun gift! Wasn't that sweet of them??? I sure thought it was. We had a very nice dinner outside and just enjoyed the rest of my little man's birthday.

Daddy is on his way back from Texas and won't see you until you're fast asleep in your crib, but that's okay. He thought of you over and over today, wishing he could've been here. We love Daddy, don't we.

So, Happy Birthday to the best little guy in the entire world. I cannot wait to celebrate many, many more special days like this with you! And since I don't have any photos of today (stupid Mommy!) I leave you with one of my all time faves. Love you Brendan!!!


John said...

Happy (belated) Birthday B-lo!

Kelli said...

Nice post Lyns!!!! Happy Birthday B-lo!!! I can't wait to see you!!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday to you, Brendan!

His cheeks are absolutely delicious. You must munch on them all the time... :)