Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

B-Lo's First Stomach Bug

oh of course I had to post pictures of his first little pukey-flu! You know I try to document all the "firsts!"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enter at your own risk.

This house seems to be hosting a slew of viruses. Last weekend, the stomach bug tore through here quicker than fire. It started with Brendan, then hit me, then conquered Daddy. It was ugly. Ugly is even too pretty of a word. It was disgusting. Just awful. The most violent stomach bug I've ever experienced. But somehow we survived and seemed to have an okay week, despite the annoying housegest we've had. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that on top of the virus parade, my lack-of-manners friend is here visiting from Montana. I'll fill you in on that later. It's a whoooooole other post.

Anyway, Brendan was just starting to get a little of his spirit back after last weekend's trauma and then lastnight came he's got a raging head cold with green snots galore. All he wants to do is lie down or be held. Poor little dude! Just can't catch a break! I suppose I'll get it next. How the annoying houseguest dodged all these bullets so far is beyond me. It's just not fair. At least we were able to get to the beach one day to enjoy this fine weather we're having. Thank goodness summer is almost here to fry all these germs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Pantry

Every now and then, everyone needs a good wake-up call. Just to kind of shock us, make us take a step back, and realize how good we have it.

I went down to the local food bank today, aka "The Pantry," to donate some things I had sitting in the cupboards. I love this food bank. The older ladies that work there are so kind and grateful for everyone that comes in with their boxes and bags of stuff. I discovered it right after Brendan was born. Being a new Mom, I was buying stuff left and right that Brendan didn't necessarily need. Not to mention, he went through numerous brands of baby bottles until we found one compatible for him, so I had dozens of abandoned brand new bottles, just sitting there looking stupid. The food bank was more than happy to take those off my hands for sure. So off I went again today, with my box full of Top Ramen, various soups, rice cereals, and pasta noodles.

I followed an old beat up car into the parking lot. This car didn't look fit to be sitting in a junkyard, let alone cruising down an actual street. It was pretty beat up and very noisy. I parked next to the car and happened to glance inside as I was emptying my goods from the trunk. It was sad. A man, roughly the husband's age, was unbuckling his little guy, about 2 years old, from his carseat. They both looked about as ragged as ragged gets. I followed them into the food bank (which, by the way, for you people with no manners out there--the guy had a toddler in his hands, yet still held the door for me) and sat the box on the counter. They stood behind me and a woman appeared from the back. She greeted me so nicely and handed me the sign-in sheet, then took the man and his child aside with some paperwork. While signing in, I could hear they were discussing the qualifications necessary to use the pantry. I just wanted. to. die. Could you hand over your precious kid and I promise to make sure he never goes hungry again??? Oh my God. I won't go into further detail just because even though I don't know this guy, I feel he's got the right to privacy and it's nobody's business why he's there. He's just a man, trying to make sure his family has something to eat tonight.

My question is: Why do I find it necessary to bitch about the small stuff all the time, when there are people in my own community who cannot afford to feed their children? Could you imagine lying in bed, knowing that your child probably didn't get enough to eat for dinner, and you really have no idea what's in store for the next day?

It made me want to hit the grocery store and come back with heaps of food. Heaps and heaps. All I can is thank goodness for places like The Pantry. Thank goodness for all of the people who donate food. That adorable little guy, if anything, deserves something to eat tonight.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Almost 10 Months Old...

It's so bittersweet for me sometimes though. As Brendan reaches his 10 month mark, I realize it's been 10 months since I've had Spike at my feet, drooling in my lap as I type. My memories of him came flooding back to me on Friday during an episode of Oprah, where they went undercover to expose puppy mills. Did anyone else catch that? It was awful. Heart wrenching. I just sat there and thought of Spike. Did you know that his bedding, pillows (yes, I said pillows) and crate are all still sitting the basement, in the exact same place my husband put everything on that sad day? I can't seem to bring myself to move it all, or God forbid, throw it away. I figure it's really not taking up much can stay there until I'm ready to move it. To another spot. In the basement. Probably. I don't know....I'm just not ready to give it up. It's still Spike's stuff. Gosh, I miss him.

I do look on the much, much brighter side of things though. Just look at this guy.

Brighter side, indeed.