Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Sissy,

One year ago tonight, I was laying on the couch watching "Desperate Housewives" while gripping a pillow and wincing in pain. You were on your merry way. I looked over at Dada and said "I betcha anything you won't be going to work tomorrow!" He didn't mind. I couldn't believe you were about to be born and I cry now as I write, because looking back to that night, it's hard to imagine I hadn't yet met you. You weren't really in our lives just yet, and now, we can't imagine life without your crystal blue eyes and contagious smile.

Sometime around 5 a.m. (my memory is a bit weary) we called Grandma to come and sit with your big brother so that we could head to the hospital. I remember being sad that I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to him since it was so early. I went around the corner to head up the stairs for my hospital bag, and there he was, sitting on the stairs. He'd heard the commotion. Even though it was so early in the morning, I was so happy he'd woken up. I told him that when Daddy and I return, he would be a big brother and I kissed him goodbye. I may have also left him with a new toy. (Mommy guilt) Then, we were hospital bound.

The birthing process is never pretty, so I'll focus on the good stuff. It was so exciting to lay in bed and wait for you to arrive. Painful, very painful, but so exciting. I wondered who you'd look like. Would you look like me? Dada? Brendan? Would you have a ton of black hair like your brother had when he was born? Would you be quiet as a mouse in the nursery and win all the nurses hearts over with your teeny little voice? And most importantly, would our lives change just as much as they did, when Brendan entered our lives?

Well, to answer all of the above. You looked just like Brendan did, minus the hair because you were born without one strand. You had the cutest nose that we pegged immediately as Deepah's. (Grandpa, for those reading) You were NOT so quiet in the nursery, and they were ever-so-anxious to bring you right back to me after each trip to the nursery. And last but not least, you have changed our lives in more ways than you can ever imagine. Sometimes I look at you and Brendan playing on the floor, and life before the two of you almost seems nonexistent. I got more sleep back then, but I wouldn't trade this life for anything in the world.

So, at 1 year old, here are your stats:

You're almost walking but still not quite sure. I am fine with that BTW.

You have 6 teeth. 4 on the bottom, 2 on top that just came through, like yesterday.

You loooove books. You sit and turn the pages, point to objects, and laugh.

You looooove dolls already. You hug them and sway from side to side.

You looooove music. The only way Dada can make you happy sometimes is to turn on iTunes and blast the volume. It may be your calling.

You took yourself off the bottle last week. I cried over that one. There's nothing I loved more than holding you first thing in the morning, all dressed in your cozy pajamas, while you drank your ba-ba.

You love Brendan's blankie, which has caused some problems. You have 3 of your own, yet you want his. There's something about that blankie....

All of the sudden you despise baths. Hated them as a newborn, then loved them for a few months, now hating them again. So, you get very few baths.

You make us belly laugh like no other. Especially Brendan. He'll never admit it, but he loves to laugh at you. Everything you do is "so silly" he says. "That sissy is so silly, right Mama?"

You've got just about enough hair for a bow.

You're a human garbage disposal. You eat, and eat, and eat. There is no food out there that you do not like. You also like toilet paper, leaves, and socks.

I will find out this week how big you are getting. I can't believe we're headed to your one year appointment in a few days. I just can't believe it. It was just yesterday that I layed on the couch with you, many nights, rocking you to sleep. I enjoyed those quiet moments, just you and me. I couldn't believe I had a baby girl to follow my baby boy around.

Sissy, Ry-Ry, Diva, Crazy lady, Ry-Lo, Rhino, munchkaroo, Snotty McSnotty Pants....whatever the nickname is for the day....We Love You. Thank you for making us belly laugh.

Happy, Happy 1st Birthday! (tomorrow.)