Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry R*chael Ray!

Rachael Ray

But I think I'm going to have to finally turn your show off. Does her voice grate on anyone else's nerves like nails on a chalkboard?? I love her- I think she has the same passion for neglected and abused animals as I do, she gives more than most to various charities without advertising it, and last but not least- her recipes rock! But, what's with her voice! I know she cannot help it, so therefore this post is completely mean and obnoxious, but I just can't listen to it anymore! Once in a while it's cute to hear someone speaking with that rough and raspy tone, but not everyday. I watched one episode where she literally had no voice at all. Poor Jennifer Garner just sat there reading her lips and interviewing herself. I felt humiliated for her.

It's time to turn the TV off anyway. God knows I have better things to do. Like blog.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wanted: 8 Legged Freak


Well crap. I was just upstairs doing some cleaning, figured it had been a few weeks since I did anything up there with being on vacation n' all, and what do I come across. A spider. Spiders and I don't mix, and this time of year, they basically take up residence in our home until April. How do they get in? Where do they come from? This wouldn't be such a big deal if the damn thing wasn't in our bedroom somewhere as we speak. I was in my cleaning frenzy, trying to get a few things done during B-Lo's nap, when I picked up a picture frame to dust and felt something....tickly....on my hand. I immediately thought, picture frames don't tickle. *high pitched "eeeewwwww" scream* There went the frame, flying through the air onto the bed, along with the spider. I was able to wap at it a couple of times with my dust cloth, but the little bastard rolled up into a ball during my last swing and now I can't find it. It's disappeared. I stripped our bed which really sucks, because I just changed all the sheets the other day. Didn't find it. Cleaned under the bed, the dressers, and nightstand, not there. And to me, the only thing worse than a spider, is a fugitive spider. I just know that I'll find it when I crawl into bed tonight. It'll be on the ceiling, directly over my head, just dangling. It will dangle and taunt me until I give up and sleep on the couch, because I'm too scared to kill it. I can give birth, but I can't kill a spider. Pathetic is my middle name.

Damn it anyway. I hate spiders.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Day

I don't like anonymous comment-ers. Even when they try to leave nice comments. Why do they bug me so much? If you're anonymous, don't leave me a comment, I will not publish it, even if you do say my kid has precious cheeks and eyes. I guess I don't like the idea of someone being able to judge my thoughts, opinions, and heck- the looks of my child, yet, I cannot judge the anonymous users. It's just not fair.

So there. My gripe of the day. Anonymous people. You annoy me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's a beautiful word, isn't it? Saturday cannot come soon enough for this lil' lady, and apparently for a few others as well. I took B-Lo up to Target this afternoon....need a few things for V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, plus well, I just wanted to get out of the damn house. Teethy, whiney baby made this house feel very small and stuffy and small again, so we set out for some shopping to ease the tension. As we were walking through Target, lovely, lovely Target where I can actually get an adorable t-shirt for under $10, we overheard several conversations of people getting ready for vacation. "Mom, you have to take me to the MALL, I cannot and will not go to the beach in a bikini that I got from HERE...." and then there was,"Harold, you can't wear that in Florida, you'll roast to death..." and lastly,"Dad! Dad! Can I get this for the plane?! But it's a FAKE gun! PLEASE???" I guess it's that time of year. Can't wait till Brendan talks! Oh the fun we'll have!

Anyway, I don't have much time to post, I just wanted to say peace out to you all, as I probably won't be checking in much. However I'll be sure to post photos of me in my adorable $6.08 t-shirt on the beach, next to the 12 year old in the $150 bikini from the MALL.

I leave you with my precious, innocent, child who doesn't know the difference between Target and Abercrombie just yet. Thank GOD.

My Condolences

I've just heard some sad news. My friend Kristen, from high school, lost her mother to cancer last month. I haven't seen or spoken to Kristen in years, but still fondly remember the bond they shared. I am sure she is hurting deeply and I wish I was there to give her a big hug. My heart goes out to her and her family. There are no guarantees in life, and it's unfortunate that it takes tragedies such as this to make us remember that. Goodbye Mrs. T. These are for you.

mothers day

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Momma's Big Boy.

Dear God what's next, borrowing the car to take his girlfriend out? *tear*

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Little Time To Kill....

It's been so long since I've actually sat and written, so I thought I'd do so now while I have a few extra minutes. It's pouring outside, peaches is napping, got my cup of coffee- Ready, Set, Blog.

I miss Idaho, although from the sounds of it, my home state may no longer exist due the amount of snow it's buried under. I am almost scared to call my Mom. She sounds so depressed. Wild weather like that can really take a toll on one's mentality. Whenever I do call, she says she's just sitting in her pj's while Tom shovels. I swear, Tom has been out there shoveling since November 1. Those poor people. They've even cancelled school for most of the week which floored me. I remember growing up, looking outside in the morning at mountains of snow piled up, and literally climbing them to get to school. No snow days for us, folks. But I guess with the amount of Californians (taking over) moving up that way, they just can't handle it. A snow day here in the northeast consists of one flake that has yet to fall. Completely true. I guess my kids will certainly enjoy that.

Well still no sign of my peaches on the Regis and Kelly website baby gallery. I sent them an email- oh yes I did! I was completely professional, went something like this:

Dear Regis and Kelly,

I am saddened to inform you that you have yet to display my child's gorgeous face on both your show, and in your web gallery. You truly have no idea what you're missing. Every morning for the past 3 weeks, I have checked to see if my little guy with his most gorgeous face is there, and still, it is not. What I DO see, however, are photos upon photos of children who are obviously at professional photo shoots, which is against the "rules upon entering." Am I correct or did I read the rules backward? I have also noticed the amount of duplicate photos of the SAME children. If I had known that I could send in an entire slew of pictures of my child to better his chances of getting in- then I would have done so. Please don't regard me as just another "wacky" new Mom who thinks her child is just the most precious thing she ever saw and absolutely thinks her beautiful baby boy with his two-of-a-kind cheeks should be displayed proudly in your web gallery, because I am not. If you've taken the time to view his picture, I think you'd agree that I am indeed, not wacky after all. I would like to comment on the some of those professional photos of the children--could you kindly disclose the name of their photographer? Some of them are just breathtaking.

Thank you for your time.

Wacky, New, Doting, Proud, Mommy

So...was that too much?

We are off to Florida next Saturday! Hoo-ray. We need a vacation like nobody's business. Well, I should say, my husband needs the vacation. He works very hard, he really does. I don't think I could do what he does on a daily basis, with travel often thrown on top of it. Up until recently, I viewed my position as a SAHM mom kind of....unglamorous and often very difficult. Hey- I'm being honest. It is 10:30 a.m. I am still in my pajamas and my teeth are not brushed. But then something made me realize that I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with my little peaches rather than send him to daycare everyday. I would just die if I had to leave him behind to go to work. Nothing against people that have to do it. I grew up in a household where both parents had to work in order to make ends meet. There were no such things as "stay-at-home-Moms" where I was born and raised. Well, unless you were on welfare, but that's a whole different blog for another time. Anyhoo, I've been in both situations. I've been the nanny and I've worked in daycare, and I've seen how hard it is for the parent(s) to leave their little ones behind all day long. I watch my neighbor load up her two kids at 7 a.m. every morning to head off to daycare and I imagine it's hard for her. If I had to do it, I suppose I would. But I am fortunate enough that I do not have to. He's upstairs napping in his cozy little crib, all snug as a bug in a rug, right where I like him. Home with me, unbrushed teeth and all. Thanks to the hubby who makes it all possible. Anyway, it's off to Florida next weekend for some Disneyworld, fun in the sun, and lots of quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. They are dying to see us- well, dying to see peaches that is. We're used to people only wanting us for our child now. It happens.

Speaking of peaches, my time is up. Naptime: over. I leave you with my unprofessional photos of the most beautiful baby, ever. Who needs their web gallery when I've got my very own?