Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adventures in Mommysitting

It's hot, and I'm crabby. I just want one nice day to open all the windows and get some fresh air in the damn house, but no. It's been disgusting and disgusting some more for about 2 weeks now. I know it's not "Houston Hot" (husbands 2nd home) but damn it, it's hot and humid and disgusting!

I tried to beat the grossness by taking B-Lo out on Monday anyway. I woke up in a great mood and thought,"I don't care if it's downright stifling today. My boy and I are going someplace fun." The beach? Too humid. The Playground? Too crowded. The library? Too boring. The zoo? Perfect! And we were on our merry way.

Ten minutes from home and flying up the parkway, I'm searching my bag for the directions which I soon realize are conveniently laying on the kitchen counter, at home. Never fear! There are signs galore for idiots like me, surely we'll find our way, right? *buzzer sound* Wrong! There is one sign that screams which exit to take and after that, well, you're on your own my friend.

30 minutes and many obscenities later, I'm knee deep in the heart of B***geport, which for those of you who aren't familiar with this specific area, let me just politely say this. It's not the kind of place that you want to stop and ask for directions with your 13 month old child in the backseat, looking ever so cute and totally snatchable. Every street I turn down seems worse than the one before, which I didn't think was honestly possible. I may be exaggerating here, but I'm convinced that that we were swimming through a sea of ex-cons and serial murderers for roughly 20 minutes, and I was honestly wishing that I was an awful mother who preferred not to take her son to the zoo that day, and instead opted to sit him in front of the TV for several hours while I clean. But no, here I was, trying to find the zoo. The reality that we might vanish into thin air set in somewhere between the slums and the even worse slums right about the time that *ta-dah* I see a glimmering sign with a descriptive arrow that read "F**rfield." Thank the almighty Lord for giving an idiot who forgot the directions such a break. "It's okay Brendan, we're going to be just fine, Mommy found our way...." as he's checking out the lovely homeless guy approaching the car with a cute cup for change. Nice!

We peeled out and headed for home. F**rfield never looked so damn good to me. We stopped at the very crowded playground, hit the diner for lunch, and then took a long afternoon nap together. Just another summer day with clueless Mommy in charge.

I have to say that our travels weren't such a waste though. I did discover a few hoppin' bars that actually open at 9 a.m., incase I'm ever in need of a drink that early.

Tomorrow is lookin' good. We're headed downtown for an outdoor concert where Brendan can get his groove on. He can really shake a diaper.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boy Meets Girl

Ah, young love. Isn't it grand? Brendan and Ariana have been dating since April. They enjoy long walks- stroller by stroller, backyard BBQ's with their parents, chewing on books at the library, outdoor concerts in the summertime, dining out in fancy restaurants, and swimming in froggy shaped pools. Sure, they bicker, but what healthy relationship doesn't have its moments? It's been hard to keep them apart since their Mom's have become new BFF's but I'm certain they don't mind.

Here are some photos of this gorgeous couple as we follow them on this journey called love.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's Back.


This time, he's focused on any and all kitchen cabinets. Hide your styrofoam dishes and plastic cups, they seem to be his items of choice. Forget trying to distract him with actual toys that one would think he'd be interested in, because he's not. This is what he's after:

Judging by the images below, he will also be charged with indecent exposure due to lack of clothing:

It seems he's becoming more daring now, as his getaway vehicle has been upgraded to a walker, if you will note the left hand corner of the image below:

Folks, this is serious. Again, please contact Mommy ASAP if you have any information on the whereabouts of his next strike.

We thank you for your cooperation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Needs Mondays Anyway?

I'm voting Mondays off the island. There seems to be a pattern here. Every Monday I've had for the past month has totally sucked. They just aren't good days for me and it all seems to start on Sunday evenings, just ask my husband. Every Sunday afternoon, the crabbiness slowly sets in. I'm irritable, annoyed, cranky, and just cannot be pleased about anything. I nag him, I freak out about the littlest things, and then just plain refuse to sit back and enjoy the afternoon like most normal people. Then it creeps in...Monday morning. It sweeps over the house like an ugly dark cloud even on the sunniest of days. It hollers out: "Don't bother getting out of bed today, you fool. I'm going to make your day more miserable than you can ever imagine." If I didn't have a one year old, I'd listen to the voice and pull the covers back up over my head, however, that may qualify as ch*ld neglect if I continue to sleep the day away. At what age can kids make their own breakfast anyway?

I can't seem to find one good thing about Mondays. Not one. Tuesdays however, are good days. For some reason, I'm raring to go come Tuesday morning. I'm awake, I'm perky, I'm organized, I'm excited, I'm ready for the rest of the week. Why can't that happen one day early? I'm so confused.

At least one good thing came on this humid Monday afternoon. My baby boy took his first step toward his Momma. It was really exciting. It even warranted a phone call to the husband which I try not to do when he's at work. He was excited too.

Okay so this Monday wasn't all that bad. I still dread the next one. Is it Friday

*update* Just when I think I'm having a rotten day...I hear of a local Mom who lost her 4 month old baby boy to SIDS last weekend. Now that's a rotten day. A changed perspective just took place. I welcome any day as long as I've got Brendan as a part of it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Momma's Little Baby

...is almost little no longer. This photo was taken last Labor Day at a friends house:

Here he is at their 4th of July picnic, sitting in that same chair:

and yes he does have cookie crumbs on his chin.

He's growing up way too fast for my liking, but I do love this age. The animation, the curiosity, the emotion, the expressions, the language. "Ca" means car. "Ba" Means ball. "BaBa" means bottle. "Hot" means...hot. "Poppa" means...poppa. Oh, and we can't forget "da" which he just started, it either means dog or he's wondering where Daddy is. No "MaMa" yet but I'll wait.

And I guess I should've labeled this post "One of those days...Part II." I knew he had something else going on, that it wasn't just the teething. Isn't it funny how we just know? I mean, they don't call us the mother for no good reason. He woke up at 5 a.m. today with a fever of 102. I know it's not necessarily cause for sheer panic, yet I was indeed, panicked. I did the usual...put a call into the dr.,tylenol, cool bath, ice pops, pedialyte, and kept checking his temp. It wouldn't go down. And not only was he boiling, but was completely lethargic. My boy is never lethargic. Right about the time I started to sob, the nurse called me back to check on him and I lost it. The conversation is a little blurry, but was something like "He's so tired, and hot, and tired, with little bags under his eyes, cheeks are firey red, he cries and cries and wants to be held and I don't mind holding him but he's so hot so everytime I pick him I continue to worry and I just hate seeing him like this because his little spirit is just gone and I'm so sad..." Next thing I know we had an appointment to see the doctor at 2:30 and we were out the door. *Nurse Sandra- you rock*

Diagnosis: coxsackie. I knew it wasn't just the teething. I know there isn't much we can do but let it run the course, but I knew in my gut that something was wrong.

So...this was my little man this afternoon. How many one year olds actually lie on a couch to watch TV? Sick ones do.

Five minutes later...it was lights out. Don't you just want to snuggle with him and make him all better? So sad...

On a lighter note, my friend Maureen emailed me a photo of us from the 1st birthday party:

Don't we make a cute couple?

Monday, July 7, 2008

One of those days...

where you sit and wish it was almost over, and the clock hasn't even struck noon yet. Brendan is getting all sorts of teeth and is not handling it well to say the least. Took him to the doctor HOPING that the kid is suffering from a violent ear infection just so that we'd have some sort of explanation for all the crab-ass-ness, but no such luck. "He's getting teeth Mrs. L, gotta be patient!" Patient my ass. I was really starting to wonder how much I could get for him on eBay. Kidding! Don't call the DCFS on me just yet.

The humidity could not be any worse. I am a victim of "natural curl." Which in bad hair day terms is "FRIZZ-O-RAMA" in this kind of weather. I look like total white trash and it's way beyond my control, literally. I've tried all the hair products that vow to tame even the worst of the frizzies, but nothing can slick down this disaster. Nothing. Poor Brendan is taking after me in this department also. Together we look like we just walked through a carwash. Luckily the husband only midly teases about it and has chosen to stay with me in spite of all the horrible hair days. And they are horrible...trust me...

After putting the monster down for bed tonight I noticed that the husband left the cover off of the grill yesterday. Being the responsible wife that I am, stepped out to throw it back on. Um, bad idea! An entire family of HUGE BLACK BEETLES has formed a temporary breeding ground underneath, and I refuse to be the one to break up that kind of family. That shall remain on the ground until husband comes home.

Ugh, just one of those days. Thank God the monster was quite happy with popsicles and goldfish for dinner because this Momma was way too tired for anything else. I suppose I'm in for a lifetime of these days when the clock cannot turn slow enough. I'm assuming that's why God invented wine?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Idaho Is...

Smelling the fresh mountain air that makes you wish could be bottled up and taken along.

Lounging in the yard that Mommy used to play in.

Getting called "buckshot" by Grandpa Pat. What does buckshot mean?

Mommy and Aunt Katrina, we wish we'd seen more of her.

Mommy and Uncle Shawn catching up on old times.

Swingin on the porch with my buddy Danielle. Gosh, if I were a few years older...

Taking scenic photos on very windy days.

Going for walks over the Long Bridge.

Awesome homecooked meals.

Swimming in the baby pool.

Taking walks to visit the neighbors with Poppa Tom.

Baths in Grandma Shelley's BIG bath tub.

Fighting with Cousin Abbie. I love her though.

Attracting all the neighborhood ladies. That's right. I'm that gorgeous.

Reintroducing Cousin Ty to the crawling technique, he so gets me.

Going for rides in Uncle Randy's monster truck. Only Mommy got to do that though- no room for the carseat. Bummer.

Playing beautiful music at Grandma Flossie's house.

Grandpa Pat showing me around his sanctuary (garage) and telling me what I'll inherit one day.

Playing catch with Daddy and Grandpa Pat.

Spending time with Cousin Mahala, watching her pick weeds.

Getting rocked to sleep by Grandma Flossie.

Spending good quality time with Daddy, getting launched into the air.

Picking dandelions, and then trying to eat them.

Looking at the fish at the Fish Hatchery. That's where Mommy spent lots of time as a little girl!

Hanging out with Uncle Shawn and Aunt Katrina.

Going for a ride in Grandpa's Rhino. I'm hoping to inherit that.

Driving the rhino...well, pretending to drive...

Swimming with Auntie Andie.

Hangin' with Uncle Randy.

Eating on the deck...nude if you want.

Loves from Gramma Shelley. She digs me.