Tuesday, October 14, 2008

People Suck.

I know that sounds terrible, but I'm finding it to be true.

Example #1.

I'm in Homegoods last week, browsing the cookbook section. A lady appears to my right and is also browsing. Soon, she's directly in front of me, blocking my view of the cookbooks. Hmm. Okay, maybe she just didn't notice me. I'll move. I walk a little further down the aisle, continue browsing. Lady appears again, directly in front of me. Again, blocking my view. WTF? I seriously wanted to smack her in the back of the head and say "Hello!! Anybody home!!" Am I the only expert on cookbook aisle etiquette around here?

Example #2.

Church parking lot. Sunday morning. I'm carrying Brendan, giving him kisses, enjoying the glorious day while walking into church. VVRRROOOOOOOMM. Ugly beat-up minivan comes flying past us, nearly taking us out, just to reach the closest parking spot. (which this lady could've used the extra walk, trust me.) Was it worth it to damn near kill me and my precious child? I'm assuming you don't have any children because you're so hideous-looking, so you have no sympathy for me and mine?? That just ain't my problem!

Example #3.

My Gym Class today. I love My Gym, and so does Brendan so far. The kids are adorable. The mothers are mostly, well, rude as hell.

Me: "Oh your daughter is so cute."

Mean Mom: "Thank you."

Me: "How old is she?"

Mean Mom: "18 months."

Me: "What's her name?"

Mean Mom: "Olivia." *walks off to find someone better to talk to.*

Me: "Oh I absolutely DESPISE the name Olivia. EVERYONE and their MOTHER picks that name these days. And every child that I meet with that SAME NAME turns out to be the biggest BRAT on the planet! Good luck with her!"

Okay, I didn't say that. But how about some response for my child? Do you know how to converse with people who don't have giant sticks up their asses? Did you miss the social skills train or what?? What's the problem here?

I know, I know. I need to learn to relax. But man, people really rub me the wrong way sometimes.


andria said...

Sadly, I think this is the way more often than not because children aren't taught decent manners and values or disciplined for being rude or disrespectful. Those kids then grow up to be rude adults. I see them everyday and most of them are in the Christian school parking lot where you'd think they might care a little bit. I got cut off and nearly in an accident by a "christian" who was in a big hurry this morning and felt he deserved to go in the wrong direction. Then he flipped me off in his rearview for not stopping and allowing him to break the rules. in the christian school parking lot. I could write an entire blog just about that place.

Dont even get me started on my gym. We did Little Gym and loved it because there were only two kids, but when I had to switch Adam when he turned three I was bombarded by the rudest, perfumed women I had ever met. We quit going.

Kelli said...

OMG, first of all....I was having a hard time concentrating on your blog writing because you have Dierks Bentley "come a little closer" playing. So, I was out in la-la land imagining I was the hot chick in his video.....
I totally agree with you on this one. And you would think you could get a break at church for crying out loud.......but it seems you can't. Just switch churches like I do. But pretty soon their aren't any left and D is asking me...."mom...when are we gonna go to church again." .....lol...(we just tried a new one last sunday and so far so good...)

You are great though because I know your personality and you WON'T ever let someone elses actions stop you from doing what you please. I LOVE that about you. I could totally picture you whapping the cook book lady. And just tell the ladies at the gym you are well aware of why they need to go there. :-)

Tracey said...

I GET it!!! I really think most of the rude people just have bad skills at speaking and don't realize how they come across. That, or they've become germaphobes since having a baby and you had a runny nose?

John said...

ALL people don't suck, but some do, and they leave an impression hard to erase.

I take them as a personal challenge.

"I know you're trying to ruin my positive attitude or this great day I'm determined to have, and you will not succeed. Keep your close parking spot and your fat ass. Neither is worth running down my day."