Monday, October 27, 2008

It Never Freakin' Ends.

Fellow blogger Tracey inspired me to rant this morning, she's having a rough day. I'm hoping it will make me feel better. (I hope she's feeling better now too!)

Why do I hate Mondays? Why do they always totally suck, leaving me to absolutely dread the rest of the week? Every Monday just sucks! I don't know why, nothing explains it, but I am always in the absolute worst mood on Mondays.

Our lovely computer here has been the victim of a brutal attack by spyware. Damn that spyware! Damn it all to hell! It's still working, obviously- since I'm blogging at the moment, but what you don't see is me fighting numerous pop-ups and swearing at all the alerts that keep hogging the screen. I KNOW IT'S INFECTED A-HOLES. ONE ALERT IS ALL I NEED THANK YOU VERY MUCH. NOW LET ME GET ON WITH MY F--KING BLOGGING. o-KAY???

Brendan is STILL SICK which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but considering he's now in a My Gym class, I'm pissed since there is a gigantic friendly reminder bannered across the place that reads "NO SICK KIDS IN THE GYM. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION." So if he has this runny nose and cough come Thursday, you can bet I'll be scheduling a make-up class. What a pain in the ass. And why am I the only one that follows those rules anyway?? Why do I seem to be the only considerate one who keeps her damn kid home when he's sick? Why is it always okay for other moms to chase their kids around with tissues at these places, but I'm too scared to break the rules? Does that make me a loser who doesn't take enough risks in life? Should I be more loosey goosey? Should I be more of a rebel and just show up with a sick child, just to see what they say? I fear I'll be reprimanded in front of the whole group and be sent home with my tail between my legs, while the other moms watch and laugh and use their sleeves to wipe their rugrats disgusting nose. Bottom line, if he's still sick come Thursday, we'll be sitting at home, bored out of our minds, because I'm a loser.

I have to see the dentist tomorrow. That's NEVER fun. One of my front teeth that recently had a root canal is bothering me. It doesn't hurt a lot just yet, but I fear it's headed in that direction. The really bad news is that it shouldn't hurt at all, considering a root canal was done, right? Right. I really wish my parents had been more strict with us brushing our teeth while growing up. Or if they were strict, then I was obviously very sneaky because my teeth are horrible. I am always so jealous of people with perfect teeth. If there is ONE THING our kids WILL do EVERY DAY in this house, it is BRUSH THEIR FREAKIN' TEETH. NO EXCUSES. It's just not worth it to hit your 30's and start to wonder if dentures would be all that bad.

I need to find a place to store all of B's sippy cups. Right now, they're in a drawer that he has access to, 24/7. And where does he like to play, 24/7? In that damn drawer. If I walk into the kitchen one more time and see 25 cups and 25 lids all over the damn place, I just might lose it. So tonight after the little devil goes to bed, those cups are relocating to a new home called "the upper cabinets." I'll show him. I'd post a picture of the sty he creates in my kitchen but since the computer has been sleeping around and has a filthy virus, I can't download any photos.

Ugh. All this whining has me wanting to burn some energy. Think I'll go rake some leaves while the monster is resting. Knowing my luck, I'll attract deer ticks and get lyme disease.

*update- B just woke up from a ONE HOUR NAP. The rest of the day should be interesting! Bring on the temper tantrums, the whining, the biting, the screaming, the throwing food, the spilling juice, the flying coasters, the messy kitchen....."


Kelli said...

You are being a GOOD mom by NOT bringing him when he is sick. I totally hear you about the "others" though. It stinks. While you are respecting the rules, they aren't, and therefore that's why he's getting sick some of the time. It would be nice if all parents followed your lead.

Oh, and about the teeth thing........some people just have "bad" teeth. (not saying YOU do....) but Danielle has had more work done on her teeth than anyone I know, and she is only 9. I feared it was MY fault, but they said she is one of the "lucky" ones, to have soft enamel. No matter what we do.......she gets cavities. She has had like 5 crowns and who knows how many fillings. I didn't have my first filling till I was like 20. Poor girl. Dentist's suck. If I were you I would be pissed that you are feeling any pain after a root canal. I hear you shouldn't. I hope your day gets better!!!

John said...

Every now and then it helps if you can find a creative way to piss off the people who can't follow the rules.

I have one lady on my street very unhappy with me, and I hope she gets unhappy enough to do something about it. We have a leash law in our neighborhood. If your dog is outside and not fenced in, it's supposed to be on one. She has some little yappy dog, though (looks like a poodle of some sort, but annoyingly cuter), that she lets wander the street. Little yappy dog is essentially harmless, but it likes to chase me on my bike and bark a lot. It's easy to outrun, but it's much more fun to....

Ride down the street, just fast enough to make the little sucker think he has a chance of catching you. If you start to lose him, slow down. Let him stay just even with the back wheel. See how far you can get the little yappy thing to stay with you while the lady in her driveway is yelling "Skipper, no!" Eventually, she's going to have to actually move, and walk about half a mile to find her dog. Maybe one day, she'll actually buy it a leash.