Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Brendan,

Yesterday you turned 9 months old. You'll read this years from now and think,"How boring, what was I doing at just 9 months?"

Well now, let me enlighten you my child.

At 9 months old, you are just starting to figure things out. You've managed to master the "fake cry" where Mommy gives in and runs to the rescue, and Daddy says,"Let him cry, he's faking." But Mommies are trained to shrug off suggestions such as that and immediately give you what you want.

You've just started eating "people foods" which makes Mommy want to cry. You're growing up too fast my little friend. I almost broke into tears today as I watched you eat french toast for the first time. Your little fingers, desperately grasping at each piece with your mouth wide open, praying that the yummies will make it in! You are getting the hang of the sippy cup. Mommy has to remind herself not to help you when you struggle with it- but sometimes I help tip it for you anyway. Hey- a guy's gotta drink.

I am becoming more and more convinced that your future lies in wrestling, judging from the matches we have while changing diapers. Is it frowned upon to put a 9 month old in a choke hold? Kidding. It's certainly tricky though. Either you're going to be a wrestler, or all of this practice is going to turn Mommy into a gymnast. Not quite sure yet.

You loooove, loooove to hear yourself sing, but by the sounds of it, American Idol will not be calling anytime soon. Sorry buddy, but of course it will always be music to my ears.

Books- bring em on! Those little cardboard and squishy books have your slobber and teethmarks all over them. You love to look at them, as well as eat them.

Clapping and waving are your favorite things to do. You wave to yourself in the bathroom mirror after your tubs which is very funny. The clapping started about a month ago at a playgroup. I was just starting to dodge questions such as "is he clapping yet?" because you weren't...and when I looked over, by golly, you were clapping! It was amazing! True story!

Crawling is not something you've figured out yet, but you're very close. You roll all over the place and you're very happy just sitting with your toys, watching the world go by. I am actually soaking up these days of immobility, because there's lots of "B-Lo proofing" that still needs to be done.

Oh the kisses- lots of them for Momma these days. You plant both hands on my cheeks, open your mouth as far as it will possibly go, and manage to eat my entire face. Best kisser ever.

You're a great, great sleeper. So great that I've had death threats from mothers who do not get the kind of sleep that you allow me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this awesome quality. It's been grand.

You love the blue blankies that Grandma Susan made for you. They go everywhere with us. You became most attached to them during our trip to Florida. I think it was wise to bring them, because you knew they were little pieces of home that made you comfortable. Such a wise child.

Speaking of Grandma and Grandpa, you could not have 2 people wound any tighter around your little finger. Their love for you is indescribable.

I took you in for your 9 month check up today and Dr. S said that you have such a wonderful disposition. He said he's very impressed with how well behaved you are, and that you are perfectly healthy in every way. Aawww, I bet he says that to all the Moms....

You're still carrying around those cheeks that stop people dead in their tracks. "Look at the cheeks on him!" I never, ever tire of hearing that.

Daddy is fascinated by you. Of course he's never actually said that- it just wouldn't be manly. But he is, I can tell. Mornings are my favorite time of day, just because of the way he races into your room to get you. "Whats up Buddy?" And you go crazy....

Mommy is just plain in love with you. My heart literally bursts when I watch you discover something new. It's like winning the grand prize- whatever that may be- every time you develop a new skill or look at me with such delight with those big, beautiful blue eyes. These past 9 months, each single day and every waking moment, have been a gift from God. I don't know why he chose to send you to us, but let me tell you, we promise to make him very, very proud.



JessieE said...

awww Lynsey, my first-born is 14 years old today...and your post brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy every minute, darlin'. It goes fast, but even these growing-up moments are wonderful too. Enjoy it all.


Kelli said...

You have just made me cry. Oh my gosh, you can really tell how much you and matt love that little guy. And I know exactly what you are feeling, because of Miss D. It's really great to have them in our lives. I Loved this post!!!!

Weldon & Julie said...

Thank you for looking at our blog. This is the first one we've done. Yes, we live in south eastern Idaho. We love it! I read what you wrote to your baby and I think it's beautiful! We are waiting to have a dream like that. Julie

Beth said...

Hi Lynsey,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's cool to see others who do similar blogging. Your little boy is so adorable. Violet was 10 months yesterday. Crawling is her newest endeavor. Thanks for writing!

Beth H.