Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to Business

Since I was so rudely interrupted by my child yesterday morning, I thought I'd take some time to continue my last post...

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I joined a "moms group" recently. I joined for many reasons, the most important one being to find B-Lo some nice buddies. Or just to find buddies, period. The Moms Group offers a variety of services from playgroups to MNO (Moms Night Out for those of you who don't know the lingo.) The one service I love the most is the messageboards. Every day, all day, you can post questions, suggestions, and even share cute little stories about your children, and all the other Mommies will offer their advice, opinions, and share little stories as well. It's been fun to sit down at the 'puter at night and chat with these ladies, some of who I've met, some I have yet to come into contact with. Anyhoo, I logged on today, hoping someone had replied to my "how on earth can I get my 9 month old to lay still for one freakin second so that I can get his damn diaper on" and this is the first message I see on the board:

"Women who work behind desks are miserable people 9 out of 10 times...
Maybe there husbands are cheating on them? haha."

Ahem. What? Where did this come from? And how is this relevant to raising children- as this messageboard was strictly created for? I was shocked to read something like this. I read down a little further and figured out what had caused the comment. Apparently, one of the Moms was having an issue with her pediatrician's secretary....she hadn't called her back ASAP, she didn't even call to remind them of their appointment until the day before the appointment. (since when do they call any sooner?) Anyway, Mad Mommy was ranting and raving about the secretary...."she's rude, she's old, she's miserable, she should retire..." blah. blah. blah. Well, if I hadn't just been to the dentist today and wasn't in any pain, I probably could've laughed off the rude comment above. BUT- I couldn't let it go.

-"I think we should be very careful when making jokes such as this on the
messageboards- I didn't take offense to this because I do have a sense
of humor...BUT- I did work behind a desk for a few years and could see
how a "miserable" person might not like comments such as these! Not to mention, infedility is no joke either-in my opinion. Just my quick two cents on messageboard etiquette."


I just found it so....gutsy is the most polite word...of this woman to make such a generalized statement to a bunch of women whom she has yet to meet! She has no clue what we all do for a living. She can't just make statements like that and figure everyone else will laugh because they're all real estate agents, just like she is. (I googled her.) Not to mention- infidelity is no joke either. This group has over 100 women in it now, and a small percentage of them are divorced. Why? We don't know! But we certainly can't be making jokes about a man cheating on his wife now can we? Such a jokester she is. I bet she wasn't laughing with the moderator posted her reply on the matter. She was none too thrilled and really read her the riot act. Good Job Moderator.

Jeez. Some women just have no clue. Whatsoever. And by the way, I've been around my share of female real estate agents since I'm in the business and let me tell you, miserable can be our middle name!

I don't mean me of course. I'm the peachiest thing you'll find.


andria said...

Good for you!

I just "left" my local message board for some of the same things. I won't even go into it, but I can do without catty, even virtual catty.

Glad you joined the moms group anyway.

Peter N said...

You're a peach without the pit. And I'm surprised you didn't educate her on the differences between the words "there" and "their." Just a thought. I'm a member of the Lynsey fan club. One of the charter members, in fact. You be well! Peter