Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

...a day late and no cute-little-boy-in-pastel-Easter-outfit photos to share. I just got my camera back from the repair shop today though of course, so I guess I'll just have to dress Brendan up in his Easter outfit tomorrow and pretend that it was taken on Sunday. Sounds like a plan to me.

Yay! I feel so complete to finally have my camera back. It's like we've been missing such a vital part of the family for the past 6 weeks. No camera? No good! But, it's back and working like a charm so I'll be sure to post hundreds of pictures and my blog will be back to normal in no time.

Easter weekend was wonderful. I was (finally) baptized Saturday night. It's something I have wanted to do for years, and then once I had Brendan, it hit the top of my priority list. I feel so happy to have completed such an important task in my life. My journey of learning is far from over though, I still have a lot to figure out. But now Brendan and I can do it together. And Matt, if there's nothing good on TV.

B-Lo is suffering from his first cold so we had a busy day of cuddling, snuggling, warm-bathing, Baby Einstein movie-watching, book-chewing, and more cuddling. Fine by me. I'm sure when he's older, I'll look back at these days and wish he'd snuggle with me like he did today. He's the best. Am I prejudiced? Nah....

I'm off to watch Britney Spears in How I Met Your Mother now. Again with the priorities. I've been waiting for this episode! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

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Kelli said...

Congratulations!!!! Sometimes I wish I could have had the chance to do it when I was older so I would remember the experience. That is great lyns!!!!
Oh, and I NEED to see B-lo in his easter outfit. Now.