Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Quiet in the hall! It's almost 8:00 and B-Lo is still sleeping. I'm loving this new sleeping-all-night-and-most-the-morning kick he's on! But I've figured out how to get him to sleep like a teenager. He used to be on 3 naps/day. One quick one in the a.m., a long one in the afternoon, and a little snooze before dinner. BUT- if I don't let him get that last snooze in before dinner, he goes to bed at 7:00 and I don't hear a peep until at least 8 a.m. Who's the genius? And call me nuttso, but I've been setting my alarm to make sure I'm awake a good hour before he starts sqirming around. I've already got the laundry going, the house cleaned up, have had coffee #2, and look- I'm blogging! Crap! Spoke too soon. He's awake. Well, at least I got a paragraph in this week and you are all now aware of our sleeping schedules!


Kelli said...

That is awesome. Perfect. Good going sista!!!

andria said...

I hate you. LOL

I got about three hours of sleep last night and still no naptimes today.

Peter N said...

LYNS, I haven't been here in soooo long. I'm sorry. Missed you and the baby/family news. I hope this finds you and the "boys" well. You're the best. You really are. And this is a non-anonymous Peter.