Thursday, July 3, 2008

Idaho Is...

Smelling the fresh mountain air that makes you wish could be bottled up and taken along.

Lounging in the yard that Mommy used to play in.

Getting called "buckshot" by Grandpa Pat. What does buckshot mean?

Mommy and Aunt Katrina, we wish we'd seen more of her.

Mommy and Uncle Shawn catching up on old times.

Swingin on the porch with my buddy Danielle. Gosh, if I were a few years older...

Taking scenic photos on very windy days.

Going for walks over the Long Bridge.

Awesome homecooked meals.

Swimming in the baby pool.

Taking walks to visit the neighbors with Poppa Tom.

Baths in Grandma Shelley's BIG bath tub.

Fighting with Cousin Abbie. I love her though.

Attracting all the neighborhood ladies. That's right. I'm that gorgeous.

Reintroducing Cousin Ty to the crawling technique, he so gets me.

Going for rides in Uncle Randy's monster truck. Only Mommy got to do that though- no room for the carseat. Bummer.

Playing beautiful music at Grandma Flossie's house.

Grandpa Pat showing me around his sanctuary (garage) and telling me what I'll inherit one day.

Playing catch with Daddy and Grandpa Pat.

Spending time with Cousin Mahala, watching her pick weeds.

Getting rocked to sleep by Grandma Flossie.

Spending good quality time with Daddy, getting launched into the air.

Picking dandelions, and then trying to eat them.

Looking at the fish at the Fish Hatchery. That's where Mommy spent lots of time as a little girl!

Hanging out with Uncle Shawn and Aunt Katrina.

Going for a ride in Grandpa's Rhino. I'm hoping to inherit that.

Driving the rhino...well, pretending to drive...

Swimming with Auntie Andie.

Hangin' with Uncle Randy.

Eating on the deck...nude if you want.

Loves from Gramma Shelley. She digs me.


Weldon & Julie said...

So adorable. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Kelli said...

Love that post. We MISS you guys. You'll have to come back to I-Dee-Ho soon!! Oh, and Dani is super impressed that her pic is on someone elses blog but mine.

Peter N said...

WOW, those pics were so heartwarmingly great!