Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

We have My Gym today. I'm kind of excited because I think, I THINK, I'm making some progress with the other Moms. I'm determined to make them my friends, even if they are snobby and rude. Everyone can use friends like that, right?

The driveway is a sheet of ice this morning. Yikes. I sure hope I don't kill myself for the sake of being chummy with great snobby, rude friends.

I always have the weirdest dreams. Lastnight I dreamed that I was magically flying over an ocean and landed on the side of a rocky mountain. I sat down, pulled an apple out of thin air, and ate it. I was apparently waiting for someone to call because I kept looking at my cell phone. I didn't USE it to call anyone, I just stared at it for what felt like an eternity. WTH? That brought on a craving so I baked some apple slices for me and B this morning.

My grocery budgeting is going well. I still haven't built up the patience for coupon clipping yet (sorry Andria!) but I'm sticking to the plan, which is to only buy what we need. I keep a running list on the counter and add things that we run out of, along with meal plan ideas and what we'll need for each one. I'm so proud of myself but there's still a ton of room for improvement. My goal is to cut our grocery bill IN HALF by the end of the year. (I was spending way too much money at that damn market.) I think I can do it.

Brendan is growing like a stink weed! It's so amazing to look back over the past few months and see how much he's changed physically, along with how much he's learned. He's a little man now! Baby fever set in right around the time that he learned the word NO. I need a newborn. ASAP.

News for The Lumberyard if you're reading: Husband might be taking on a project in Jacksonville! Can you believe it? Could this be an oppurtunity to meet another blog friend? I think so! Just email me your address. I'll call you when I land. :)

I smell something. Might be time for new slippers.

Happy Thursday!

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Kelli said...

Dani has baby fever also. Is there something in the air?? I keep telling her that it's not gonna happen. It just wasn't in God's plan. She doesn't understand. :-(

I LOVE savig moolah on groceries!!!! I don't buy anything if it isn't on sale. I stock up on meat when it's cheap, and I don't plan my dinners till the ads come out. It's fun. And easy!! Happy Shopping!!