Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Challenge

After much neglect, I've decided to try and post every day of the week. Kind of like the "365 Day Challenge" only I am going to give myself the weekends off. In order to do this I'll need some motivation. I can't just rattle off random things like I used to. That being said, here's what my weekly posts will consist of:

Mondays: "Memory Monday"

Tuesdays: "Topic Tuesday"

Wednesdays: "Wordless Wednesday"

Thursdays: "Thursday's Thoughts"

Fridays: "Frugal Friday"

So to get started....today is Tuesday which means I will share my thoughts on a topic. Today's topic: The Elderly and their right to drive. I sure hope I don't offend anyone.

Last week alone, I (fortunately) dodged 2 car accidents due to 2 older gentlemen. They both pulled out into busy intersections WITHOUT looking, and then proceeded to flip ME off as I skid to a sudden stop in order to avoid killing them instantly. They just shouldn't be allowed to drive, unless tested every year. They don't feel the need to pay attention to stop signs and blow right through. Sure! Why should you stop? Life is getting short, so I can see the need to rush. The rest of the world however, may have young children in the backseat and God forbid you hit me, your life will be cut even shorter my friend. My purse is too heavy and full of crap for a reason ya know. They don't know how to park and often take up 2, sometimes 3 spaces. They drive 30 mph on the highway, yet fly through town going 70. WTH?

My Grandmother stopped driving at 70. She figured that once she wasn't able to roll with the big dogs on the road, that it was time to retire the license. Now that's a smart woman.

Just my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic.



Kelli said...

I like your idea to blog everyday!!! How motivating!!

The only thing I have to say about old people driving, is that when I get old, I'm still getting behind the wheel even if I can't see three feet in front of me. Ya gotta get to the mall somehow, and you know the husband isn't gonna take me!!

Kelli said...

I like your blogging every day idea!! How motivating.

All I have to say about old people driving is this. When I am old and I can't see three feet infront of me I am still gettin' behind the wheel. A girls gotta get to the mall, ya know?? And lord knows the husband won't take me!!

Lynsey said...

LOL- I know, just watch, I'll be driving till I'm 100!

Tracey said...

I don't think it's an age thing. I think EVERYONE should be tested more regularly. Not just eye tests, etc. But reading and physically taking the driving test BEHIND the wheel.

It's crazy. I have been driving for, holy crap, almost 20 years (I really feel old now) and have only ever been tested ONCE?? REally? That's sufficient?

The Cheney Family said...

I also get very anoyed with the ones who act like they "deserve" to drive however they want. My husband also gets road rage everytime we go somewhere. All I here is, "Come On!!" or "For the LOVE!!"
Along with the seniors who don't pay attention, there are also those hot shots in their big trucks who are sometimes even worse! Seriously!