Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Everyone,

My Momma is taking me on an adventure today! We're flying to Idaho to see my Grandpa Pat, Gramma Linda, Gramma Shelley, and Poppa Tom. We're also going to see my Great-Grandma Flossie and cousins Abbie, Tyler, and Mahala. Grandpa Pat is turning 60 years old so we're going to help him celebrate, and we need to visit Momma's Uncle Frank who isn't feeling so well. I sure hope we have cake for Grandpa Pat! I love cake...mmmmmmm,gooooooooood.

I am so excited! I promised Momma I'd be a good boy on the big airplane, although I hope she knows there are never any guarantees in life. I saw her sneak some cool new things into the backpack though so as long as she plays with me, I'm sure I'll be a great traveler! I love airplanes, do they have wheels?? You know how much I love anything with wheels....

We will keep you all posted on the trip!


Kelli said...

We can't wait to see you!!!!!

John said...

Have a great (and safe) trip.

Peter N said...

I echo what John said. Have a happy and HEALTHY Thankgiving, too. And many more to come.