Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Sad Post.

Summer is over! Or, almost over I should say. We had such a fun summer, the funnest I've had in ages. We were so outgoing, Brendan and I. We hit the beaches, Lake Mohegan, lots of playgroup outings, made new friends, took many, many walks to the park, and just hung out in the backyard eating ice pops and soaking in the frog pool. In my opinion, summer is best when you have a little one. It's so easy to throw a onesie on him and just let him go. I hate, hate the thought of bundling him up in a snowsuit just to go outside for 10 minutes. Should we take advantage of the husband's work situation and fly south to Houston for the winter? Do you dare us? We just might.

I'm also sad because an uncle of mine has fallen ill. Very ill. He's been battling cancer this past year and it's just not looking good at the moment. It seems every time they finish up the chemo and tell him he's done, they find more spots. This time, on his liver. I love my Uncle Frank. He's always been my most favorite. He and my Aunt Julie have been such stable rocks in my life, they are those people that I count on to always be there. I would be absolutely devastated if something were to happen to him, as many others would be. Please say a prayer for him, he's a very good man with a heart bigger than most. This world simply wouldn't be the same without him in it.

Also, on another sad note...Brendan has a cold! I know, not too traumatic, but he was up all night coughing and looks so pathetic today. I hate when he's sick and there's only so much I can do. Humidifier? Check. Vicks Vaporub? Check. Saline drops? Check. Tylenol? Check check. Warm baths? Check. Lots of love and attention? Check check check. But nothing is doing the trick today. He's sleeping now, and it's dinner time. I refuse to wake him, it's the most he's slept without coughing in 2 nights. If he's up all night, so be it. The joy of having kids, right?

At least the weather is gorgeous. When he does wake up, we just might have dinner on the patio and take advantage of the rest of summer. Why not I suppose. Hope you all had a safe Labor Day Weekend.


Kelli said...

Awww, I hate that summer is over too.
We have been praying along with you for Frank, and will continue to. You know, they still work like the dickens at their restaurant...I don't know how they do it.
Dani has strep throat. Yep, 2nd day of school and she is sick as sick can be. Oh well.....life will go on I am sure. Give Brendan kisses from us.

John said...

I feel the same way about Spring and Fall that you do Summer, and pretty much for the same reasons. I would imagine our Spring and Fall feel a lot like your Summer. Summer itself just gets opressively hot.

As for Uncle Frank, I'll add him to my prayer list. My sister-in-law is going through pretty much the same thing, and I know how hard that is.