Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Year Older

and as overwhelmed as ever. So much crap to do around here. Yet, I'm on the computer. Is that bad?

I had a wonderful 30th Birthday celebration last week. Lots of great gifts, a nice dinner out-sans Brendan, topped off by a really fun party at none other than the Seagrape, where we met 6 years ago. I'd post some pictures of the big shindig but I can't have fellow bloggers thinking I party like that all the time.
So along with lots of great gifts comes lots of thank you's to write. Ugh. This house is such a pigsty I can barely take it any longer. The office I'm currently sitting in is overflowing with things that need to be filed. The laundry has somehow piled up to the ceiling...or close anyway. And the floors...oh my precious hardwood floors. Covered in juice splats, drool, and God knows what else. Not to mention, I have a soon-to-be 16 month old whose curiosity is about to kill this cat. He's all over the damn place and likes to be Mommy-entertained at all times. How do people stay on top of it all with multiple kids? Because every time I get just a tad overwhelmed with everyday life, I can swear I hear my ovaries shrivel up a little bit more. Oh the headache I have right now...

On a lighter note, tomorrow is our 3 year wedding anniversary and I plan to post a beautiful tribute to my darling husband. Stay tuned.


Tracey said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow! (today?)

You won on my contest! Please email me your address so I can send it on your way!

John said...

I'm not sure because we only have one, but I understand with multiple kids you pit them against...errr....have then entertain each other. While the laundry and other tasks get bigger, the child entertainment task decreases just a bit.

Kelli said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Don't you dare clean your house on your anniversary!!
:-) It can wait.

Kelli said...

Oh, and I LOVE the new profile picture up top. He doesn't have a drivers liscence yet, does he?