Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wanted: 8 Legged Freak


Well crap. I was just upstairs doing some cleaning, figured it had been a few weeks since I did anything up there with being on vacation n' all, and what do I come across. A spider. Spiders and I don't mix, and this time of year, they basically take up residence in our home until April. How do they get in? Where do they come from? This wouldn't be such a big deal if the damn thing wasn't in our bedroom somewhere as we speak. I was in my cleaning frenzy, trying to get a few things done during B-Lo's nap, when I picked up a picture frame to dust and felt something....tickly....on my hand. I immediately thought, picture frames don't tickle. *high pitched "eeeewwwww" scream* There went the frame, flying through the air onto the bed, along with the spider. I was able to wap at it a couple of times with my dust cloth, but the little bastard rolled up into a ball during my last swing and now I can't find it. It's disappeared. I stripped our bed which really sucks, because I just changed all the sheets the other day. Didn't find it. Cleaned under the bed, the dressers, and nightstand, not there. And to me, the only thing worse than a spider, is a fugitive spider. I just know that I'll find it when I crawl into bed tonight. It'll be on the ceiling, directly over my head, just dangling. It will dangle and taunt me until I give up and sleep on the couch, because I'm too scared to kill it. I can give birth, but I can't kill a spider. Pathetic is my middle name.

Damn it anyway. I hate spiders.

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