Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Day

I don't like anonymous comment-ers. Even when they try to leave nice comments. Why do they bug me so much? If you're anonymous, don't leave me a comment, I will not publish it, even if you do say my kid has precious cheeks and eyes. I guess I don't like the idea of someone being able to judge my thoughts, opinions, and heck- the looks of my child, yet, I cannot judge the anonymous users. It's just not fair.

So there. My gripe of the day. Anonymous people. You annoy me.


andria said...

That's why I quit allowing anonymous comments.

I'm annoyed by lurkers as well. I have at least twenty daily lurkers, I see them on my sitemeter everyday. A few of them log on every 20 minutes and still, have no idea who they are. Drives. me. insane.

But what can you do other than go to private blog?

Just know I feel the same way sister.

John said...

I just take 'em for what they're worth. If you don't think it's good enough to put your name on, I don't think it's good enough to read.

Oh, and Andria, I lurked today just to make you wonder who the heck I am. :)

~Kelli said...

If I have something really mean to say and I am to chicken sh** to post it with my name on it, I post anonymous.
Kidding. I really never have.
I sometimes get that on mine, but I am so darned happy just to have a comment, that I approve it. I am pathetic.

Lynsey said...

I hope I don't sound snobbish by complaining about the anonymous people...I guess it just irks me that I can't see what THEY have to offer the world, yet they get to read all my bologny. Irks me to the core. It's not that I don't appreciate when they take the time read my crap, because I really do, I just wish I could read theirs in return! :-)

~Kelli said...

I am with ya, girlfriend. I especially hate it when someone comments anonymous, and I think I know who they are, but I am not sure, and they really leave a crappy comment.....that bugs me. You have EVERY RIGHT to not like it.