Monday, December 10, 2007

That's How I Roll.

After weeks of "is he rolling over yet?" and "I'll bet he's rolling over now, right?" I am proud to finally announce that my little man can indeed, roll. He went from his back to his belly, twice in a row today. I was so excited that I almost gave him a heart attack at the ripe age of 6 months, but it was so great. The hubby even got a phone call at work. *gasp* But I just couldn't wait to tell him. What a wonderful early Christmas gift. Thank God for cameras.


~Kelli said...

So cute!!! Congrats Brendan!!!!
Crud, how many toys does that kid have?? I would roll over too if I knew I would hit the mother load!!!!

JessieE said...

Too cute, Lynsey...and look at that hair!

Peter N said...

WOW!!! And that was a post on my b'day!@!!