Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks Grandma Shelley!

I just love my Mom. We laugh at things that other people just don't understand, which is why I just know she'll appreciate this post. She sent him the cutest pair of pj's, accompanied by the talking teddy bear featured below. It reads the entire version of "Twas the night before Christmas." I love it and have been playing it for Brendan since it arrived. Well, this is what he thinks of the poor bear by now, thanks to Mommy.

Ohhh look, it's reading again!

Okay, I might be getting a little annoyed now...

Okay, you can scram now.

Love it. Thanks Mom! *jajajajajajajajajaja*

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~Kelli said...

So funny!!!!!!! I needed that laugh this morning. Nieko is looking at me like I have lost it..."Oh, she is laughing hysterically about nothing....again..."
Thanks for the post!!!!