Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ryan's Stats

Since I never did keep baby books for either child, (slap my hand!) I need to quickly jot down Ryan's "firsts" before I forget.

1st roll over- the day she was born I think!

1st smile- about 4 weeks old, right here:

1st tooth- Popped in on April 20th while Brendan and I were in NYC with friends. The babysitter noticed it first and texted me to announce it. I cried.

2nd tooth- Popped in not long after?

3rd tooth- Popped in August 14th. Matt was in Vegas for a Bachelor Party and I texted him to announce it. I doubt he cried.

Sat up alone- Memorial Day Weekend.

Started crawling: Middle of July, right after returning home from our beach vacation in North Carolina.

Stood up alone: doing it now!!

She's crazy. Nothing like Brendan was....Brendan wasn't even officially crawling at this age. He was just a chubby bump on a log:

This is Ryan, crawling toward the camera as quick as an ostrich:

You get my point.

Stay tuned for more wonderful "firsts."


The Cheney Family said...

Wow she has pretty eyes!

Steven said...

Congratulations on that first tooth! I can't wait til' it pops out.

The Tooth Fairy,

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Baby #3 was even CRAZIER for me. Reason number 483 for my family to not have a baby #4...