Monday, December 22, 2008

"Happy Christmas" (War is Over)

I just love that song, know which one I'm talking about? It sums up the year, as well as the holiday season for me.

I'm finally a little organized and just might manage to have all of my shopping and wrapping done by midnight on Christmas Eve. Hallelujah! And it looks as if we might, just might, have a semi-white Christmas this year thanks to the snow we got this weekend.

It's been a wonderful year, full of making memories with our crazy 18 month old. I cannot believe this is his 2nd Christmas part of an early gift to Brendan, I've written this letter:

Dear Brendan,

It's been an action packed year for you, little man! You've traveled more this year than many people do in a lifetime. One trip to Florida, one to Texas, and 2 fun trips to Idaho. And with the exception of one of those flights, you are an expert at flying now which makes me so happy. You've cut a total of 9 teeth and are working on a 10th as we speak. In February you swam in your first swimming pool and put your little toes in the sand in Naples. In May we visited Daddy in Houston where you (officially) learned to crawl and discovered your love of cars. In June you gave Daddy the best Fathers Day gift ever, by saying your first word which was none other than- CAR. We also traveled to Idaho to meet your other Grandma's and Grandpa's, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a great time. This summer we spent many days on the beach and playing with friends in your froggy pool in the yard. In November we traveled to Idaho again to spend some special time with family, and that is when Grandpa Pat taught you how to walk! It was amazing and the perfect 60th birthday gift for Grandpa Pat. He was so, so proud. You've had 2 haircuts this year which would make lots of Momma's with bald babies out there very jealous, and you still have tons of hair that's hard to comb after baths. You survived a few bad colds, the coxsackie virus, 3 ear infections, and a whopping stomach bug.

At just 18 months, you cannot get any more perfect. Despite the terrible 2's you've now entered, you keep us laughing every day. You're quite the chatterbox and love to talk on cell phones. You've discovered how pens work which is okay, as long as you stick with paper and not furniture. You love to help Mommy cook, empty the dishwasher, and fold clothes which can be interesting and fun. You and Daddy listen to music and play with your cars in the family room, or you guys kick the soccer ball around the backyard. Toilet flushing has become a favorite past time of yours, as well as emptying out Mommy's make up bag to see what floats. Books are becoming your best friend. My favorite moments are sitting on the sofa, watching you pick out books that you want Mommy to read. I'm not too sure books can replace your fondness of cars, but as long as you take an interest in both, then I'm happy. You're still a binky and blankie baby, but there are no plans to take either of those away, anytime soon. You love our Christmas tree and I'm not quite sure how you're going to handle the day we take it down. I'm sure you'll miss saying "tee! tee!" when Mommy plugs the lights in every morning. You're so smart, Brendan. You head for the stairs when Mommy says "bath time!" and you are already counting and can say the letter "D" in your name. You run away from us when we pull out a diaper to change you. When you're tired, you stick your face in your blankie and beg for us to put you to bed.

Mommy could go on and on about how much you have enriched our family every minute, but Christmas is 3 days away and I've got a long list of things to do. When you read this letter years from now, just know this...if someone were to ask us what we did with our lives before you came alone, we wouldn't know what to say. You have made us "Momma" and "Dadda." That's all we know, and that's what we're most proud of.

Merry Christmas Brendan!!!


Kelli said...

I LOVE this post! He will too, someday! Nice pics too. happy holidays!!!!

Peter N said...

I love it too...he is SO cute and precious. I haven't been here in a while...I'm sorry for that, but you just brought tears to my eyes. I hope 2009 will be the most special of years, Lyns. Peter