Saturday, April 5, 2008

Almost 10 Months Old...

It's so bittersweet for me sometimes though. As Brendan reaches his 10 month mark, I realize it's been 10 months since I've had Spike at my feet, drooling in my lap as I type. My memories of him came flooding back to me on Friday during an episode of Oprah, where they went undercover to expose puppy mills. Did anyone else catch that? It was awful. Heart wrenching. I just sat there and thought of Spike. Did you know that his bedding, pillows (yes, I said pillows) and crate are all still sitting the basement, in the exact same place my husband put everything on that sad day? I can't seem to bring myself to move it all, or God forbid, throw it away. I figure it's really not taking up much can stay there until I'm ready to move it. To another spot. In the basement. Probably. I don't know....I'm just not ready to give it up. It's still Spike's stuff. Gosh, I miss him.

I do look on the much, much brighter side of things though. Just look at this guy.

Brighter side, indeed.


andria said...

Sweet Spike.

You will miss him forever, and that's a good thing. You loved him.

My dad put his treasured kitty to sleep not long ago and we're all just distraught about it. Maybe somewhere she and Spike are living the good life. I hope so.

But look at your sweet baby. I would love to munch on his cheeks just alittle bit. They get big so quick. Those dern babies.

Kelli said...

Such a nice post. I didn't watch it, because Danielle couldn't bear too, so we skipped it. She must have gotten her love of animals from her aunt Lynsey. :-)
Cute pics. He is getting SOOOOO big.

Peter N said...

Dammit, you made me cry..