Monday, October 29, 2007

Suggestions Anyone?

I am still trying to recover from the shock of losing my precious blog. I was so bummed all weekend. Who knew something like that could break a woman's heart? I still can't believe it's gone. The two most eventful years of my life that I had recorded, gone. I wanted Brendan to be able to read this when I was dead and gone. Although, he probably would have found it totally boring I suppose.

But, like I said, it must go on. In light of my loss, I thought that I should come back with a bang. I would like to start fresh, while still blogging about the past. I want to start with a new template, new title, the works. Does anyone have any suggestions for making this a new, better blog? I am open to all ideas. Anything. Come on. Hit me with something to make me feel better! I appreciate your time.


~Kelli said...

I think you can download templates for your blog in the same way you can download them for your myspace pages. Then you would have a ton more to choose from. So far no luck with recovering any of your old one???

John said...

Can you e-mail the blogger folks and see if they can recover your old stuff? I know most businesses on the Information Superhighway keep archive taped for several years. Maybe they can recover what you lost.

As for making it new or better, that would entail making it different. What it was, was you. If you make it different, you depart from that. Just keep being you. That's the best thing your blog can be. The rest is just window dressing.

Peter N said...

Lyns, John just said it all!